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hi banker. i am so happy that you have decided to give it a go i realy dont know what to say.
But this is only my first week on soboxone and realy i would have never never thaught i would have gone 8 days with out taking any codeine etc. but something must be working yeah.
A few dats ago they showed me my liver test results and a lot of them were on the high side like ggb i think it was were this one was repairing it's self so much because of my codeine intake.
i know everyone's boddy is different but i must admit up to now i think something is realy working inside.
I think the hard bit is comming off the suboxone but i am sure it is going to eisier than the w/d's of what i was on before.
the hard thing for me is that i have to do this all on my own, like not telling my wife of my habbit in the shame that she is deat against any drug abuse etc etc, and scared if she ever did find out about my silly little habbit.
GOD KNOWS if she found out.
So i come here for some help and i must say i think it has helped me a lot.

I think what you will notice bamker in a few days is that mmmmmm... lets say..... 3 days time thats if you stay on the sub that when you realise you havent had any hydros etc etc that this thing is going to work, and i realy hope it does for you.
keep us posted on your progress yeah and i am still waiting the results of my drug test to see if it shows possitive for heroin/morphine yet.

i might be one of those 1 in 20 that has the cyp 2d6 ensime that turns codeine into morphine yet..

hey god bless and look after yoursely yeah..