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Hi Greggr, I might have mentioned I just got out of a 30 days rehab facility and then relapsed. This disease is patient and lies in wait.

According to my experience and what I have been taught, depending on the quantity of the vicodin you were taking, Buprenex doesn't have to be used for a long time. At least for me, there were NO w/d symptoms after taking the Buprenex and I was able to use it in a sublingual form. The pharmacy compounded it. There is now a pharmaceutical (sp) company that sells a sub-ling tablet, however it can only be prescribed by certain shrinks (just check to see if yours can do it, it beats the heck out of the shots).

I get Buprenex can be abused if someone really, really tried, but there really is no high from it. As it was explained to me, it's an opiate agonist/antagonist which basically means, if it were not for the "antagonist" property, it would be like giving yourself a shot of morphine. The fact that it has BOTH properties means that you (or at least I) felt virtually nothing. It's not what I FELT that counted, it's what I DID NOT feel, which was withdrawal symptoms. I could not believe it. I was coming off 12-15 Lortab 10 a day, then went on Buprenex and felt absolutely no w/d symptoms. I stayed on it for about 7 days. Some people can take one shot of Buprenex and be fine. I would say stay on it as long as you need to or as long as you can. Tapering off BUP should not be difficult at all. In fact you should not have any w/d symptoms from the BUP. It WILL get you off the opiates physically, it's the staying off (mentally) that keeps giving me trouble. Two other things: the BUP is SOOOO much better than methadone b/c of the addictive property of meth and make sure your Doc. knows if your taking any benzos (Valium, Xanax) before you start the BUP. There have been isolated reports of "sudden death" mixing valium and Buprenex. It's in their literature (the company that makes Buprenex). Write back if I can answer any other questions. The bottom line is Buprenex is an excellent detox.

I have been going through the same things for the past 6-8 years. I have had 2 back surgeries and have been on every pain narcotic medicine you can possible name. Percocet was my favorite along with Aqutic which is a Fental base form of morphine, as well as vicodin and oxycotten. About one month ago I had a major panic attack and decided this was it I had to stop or I was going to die. I didnt know who I was what I was going to do with my life I was in desperate need. My money situation was to great either luckly I have med insurance but still.
Well I wanted to go to and in patient detox as well but my insurance didnt execpt it because they said it wasnt life treatining but if I was an Alcoholic I would have been excepted. Well I didnt have the money for this since it was over 3,000 dollars but they told me about a frug called Suboxone. I did some research on this drug and told my doctor about it and he perscribed it for me. WOW it took all the cravings, withdrawls, and bad thoughts all away. I was shocked.
He had givin me a months worth and I was done so I thought I was going to be ok, but I did have withdrawls because I shouldn't have stoped right away. I didnt sleep for 7 days straight my anxiety was through the roof and I had not appitite I has hot flahes cold sweets you name it, well I wound up in the hospital becasue I was going crazy.
I got a hold of my doctor and he percribed for my some more Suboxone and some Zanex along with some sleeping pills, and I feel somwhat ok again, at least I was able to sleep.
Anyway the Suboxone worked great, but I should have went back to him and not tried to do it on my own that was my mistake.
Let me know if you need to chat with me, I ll be more then happy to tell you anything good luck.

PS Try out patient if you can before going to inpatient you may save some money and they give you the same meds.