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Hey I am just looking for some advice. My dad is taking Morphine SUL and Oxycodone and I know for sure that he is crushing and sniffing the Oxycodone and he sniffs one pill about every 30 mins. I don't know about the Morphine but I know he is poping pills left and right.

Now of course he thinks he has it under control. He is a recoving alcholic and has been dry for about a year now. But in replace of this beer he has started with this pills. From my point of view he doesn't have it under control. I can tell when he is coming off the high from the Oxycodone and as soon as he comes off it he goes and sniffs another one.

I want to talk to him about rehab and stuff. I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who is also addicted, or who has quit. I don't know much about the pills, except for some stuff on the news and reading stuff on the interent.

Any advice on how to go about getting him some help. I really really think he won't make it another year, because the doc told him his kidneys are getting weak.

and I am one of those dads...
It is a nightmare, I am obviously letting my kids down.
I could be doing better for them, I could at least do the minimum of going and seeing them, but for this addiction to morphine.
The most I seem to be able to "give" them is to not kill myself. I am hopeless, useless, barely living really.
If there is one reason to try and quit, it is for the kids eh? Why is love not enough? - because dope is much more? I can't justify it at all, but on and on it goes.
Thanks for that. I think I know you are right.
I want to take them forever sometimes, live like that, but I know these drugs have damaged organs already [bowel].
FYI, I am taking 90mg. of morphine[M Eslon], and I use a needle; I told my doctor that too. Doc and I had started a cessation plan, but that stopped after going from 180mg to 120 in a year, and 120 to 90 in another year.... [4 different doctors thru that, it was my idea to reduce actually].
All my morphine, for 10 years, has been prescription....Until last week... oh oh, I found a source, and now its getting worse.

I took 120mg a day, because I can buy my way out of needing to go without if I take more...I used to just take less and make it to prescription day on less, but now ... And I am not buying food, instead I save my money for dope. I am disabled [chronic pain condition]and on welfare.

Thanks again.