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littleone, I am looking this drug up in my PDR as we speak.From what I am reading here, the recomended daily dosage is 2 tabs four X daily.But also states that if control of acute diarrhea is not achieved at ten days, it is unlikely that it will be controlled by further administration.How long has she been taking this.And is she having any problems now with constipation? The drus listed in lomotil are diphenoxylate 2.5mg, and atropine sulfate 0.025mg.It does give a warning that the diphenoxylate may be habit forming.Under "warnings it states that this is NOT an innocuous drug,and dosage recommendations should be strictly adhered to.It also states that at thereputic doses, the drug is devoid of any morphine like subjective effects,but at high doses will exhibit codeine like subjective effects.So in other words,she would be taking much more than what she is now in order to feel any CNS depression or (high).I did notice that the treatment for overdosage in lomotil calls for the same drug that is used in any other narcotic overdosage(naloxone) This drug is only a schedule V ,so the abuse potential is rather low,but still there.I am rather new to this site and am unfamiliar with your past posts on your grandmothers problems,could you give me a quick summary?I hope this helps somewhat.Please post again with the info if you can.And also include any health issues she may have as this drug can have an effect on other body systems if they are impaired in some way. Marcia