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:D We twins are so pleased you are "into" humor, as well. Humor has seen us through many times that were totally NOT humorous! I don't think we would have survived our Mom's long, horrible descent into dementia, if we could not have laughed occasionally at the absurdity of what life had become. (And funnily enough, right to the end, our mother retained her own sense of the absurd. Strong genes!) :D

Of course, we're aware that not everyone can find relief from the kind of "dark" humor Alice and I--and our family--have always enjoyed. So, my worst fear is seeming insensitive when I joke around.

As is often so typical of people who turn to humor and seem to be having quite a laugh at life--both Alice and I have long histories of clinical depression! Thankfully, a combination of Prozac and Wellbutrin for me--and just Prozac for Alice--have greatly reduced both my obsessive thinking--and turned down the depression to so much more manageable. We both accept that depression, etc, is is our genes....but that's exactly the reason why their are pharmacies and antidepressants! :-)

If you've read Alice's longer post about our "history" in the Double Trouble post, you'll know that, although we have never taken great amounts...we did get hooked on our cousin's opiates...a VERY weird story. :rolleyes: The "good" news is that she just had her prescription changed from oxys to some new pain pill--Avizan or something like that name--which is morphine based. And if there's one thing Alice and I find unpleasant--it's morphine! So--our cousin's doctor has, in effect, put us on a taper program that we can't say "no" to. Ah, the strangeness of life!! We are both happy--and worried--at the same time. Taking about three 40 mg oxys a day....and maybe about two hydros as a "breathrough" remedy (aaarrrggghhh) had taken us to the point where we felt absolutely lousy. We were not getting more than 10 minutes warm, fuzziness--and then totally plummeting into waves of depression, as we realized we could not take more because it made us sick--and was getting useless anyway. When people talk about their heads "not being in a good place" on opiates--I know exactly what they mean. It's been the most unnatural period of our formerly active lives and we are happy the supply has dwindled down. We're currently "enjoying" the withdrawal from oxys (still have a few "nibbles" left--but almost gone) and we do have some hydro. But the hydros were never as much of a problem for us compared to those oxys. :nono: Soon there will be NO pills--and then we will have our lives back. (No, don't ask me to flush the hydros down the toilet. Since my cousin offers them to me--I feel that if I don't want them, the least I can do is give them BACK to her. She is a genuine pain management patient, with years of all sorts of surgeries.)

Anyway! Isn't it amazing how a person can fully understand the bizarre life they've slipped into--but still manage, for years, to rationlize it. Hopefully, our annual ski trip our West in a week's time will see us mostly pill-free and enjoying the natural high of a flight down the slopes. But--realistically--it will take more time both with the withdrawals...and the acceptance that the other sort of "flight"--flying high and feeling such sudden happiness about life--is over. It was so temporary anyway. We were always both exuberant people, who took such pleasure in the small things in life. And I'm sure we will again. It's just going to be so hard giving up those "trips" we travelled on, day to day. :D

Again, thanks for your "smiles" at our posts. I desperately NEED humor right now. :jester:

I don't know your own story....but wish you--and all other posters--lotsa, lotsa good wishes and compassion. I try to read as many posts as I can and I've learned so much about pills...and people.


PS Does anyone know why oxys can be so "uplifiting"--but morphine such a depressant?? Pills like MsContin just make me feel ill--even in infinitessimal amounts. And yet I've read they both go to the same receptors in the brain.