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Sorry it took so long for the reply Michelle :D

Anyway, Ive never abused a benzo either. I take 2mg of klonopin am and pm but there is an interaction with naloxone and benzos, other hypnotic agents could be used but it's something about the benzodiazepines. Now it could be done but I was on a pretty high dose 24mg (suboxone) and 4mg of klonopin and the doctor gave me an option to go right on tegretol and die from DT's from abruptly stopping the klonopin or i get no subox. I asked if I could go on subutex for 5 days until I start my methadone program again since I have no choice and he said no. With him being an arab and all wearing 100 thousand dollars worth of gold looking like the iron sheik and me being very discouraged I said a few choice words to him that I didnt mean and had to kick on my own.

Now the bup is a very weak drug, it's a c3 narcotic unlike others are c2 so i figured it would be a breeze.... it was pure hell, by day 2 I was pure white, couldnt stop vomiting and everything was so foggy I couldnt even dial 911 if i wanted to. After being left all alone for hours my roomate came home and gave me an 80mg oxycontin and the symptoms went away. I chewed a few of those things for a weak just so I didnt ruin my sisters wedding and checked in 8 days later after almost getting a DUI, ON THE WAY to the treatment center because my pupils were constricted and I still had bruises on my forearms. Suboxone wasnt a good kick, if you're on it, stay on it. The w/d wasnt like methadone or morphine, it was like coming off of zoloft, methadone, and xanax all at once. Im done being a test subject with that.