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I have been getting iron infusion for about 4 years now. Every 3-5 months my ferritin level drops very low and then my hemoglobin drops.! The Dr's have checked me for everything to see were I am loosing the blood. They can't find any reason for the cause of the anemia..... But I can tell you when I get the infusion what is suppose to take a few hours they have to do over a 8 hour process that I get once a week for about 5 weeks or I have reactions. Like Severe bone pain, blood pressure drops,and itching. Those seem to be the most common. What seems to be working is before the infusion starts I am given 50mg Benedryl and something for pain. Start the IV very slow for 30 min and then raise it slowly. The Dr writes the order this way and then I am given repeat doses of Benedryl 25mg every 3-4 hours. I do have to be picked up afterwards because I am a little woozie...
The bone pain is never the same..it can be moderate to severe bone pain during or a few days after the treatment. Sometime so bad I hurt all over deep in my bones!
The pain has been so bad I have had to have morphine a couple of times. There are many preparations of the Iron ifusion some are worse than others . After the treatments are done and am about a month out I feel great for a few months then when the feritin starts to drop I too get like restless leg. I now take a very low dose of Klonapine every night before bed that has mad a huge difference. My hematologist is great I would highly recommend seeing one. It seems a vicious cycle at times and I can get down but I just keep on hanging in there.