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i read things back and forth on these posts and "medically" they made these drugs for 2 reasons...

1. Slow titration - I lot of people cant handle a rapid detox, It makes the w/d less painful with slow titration - People who CAN do a rapid detox but are on the outside. The first 28 days are VERY crucial and most relapse in a matter of days - People who can not afford or cant be away from home for 28 days in an inpatient recovery center.

2. Maintenance - They link people who chronic relapse with dependency to these drugs. Prolonged use did damage to their brains and now they depend on this drug to live. So they stay on the program at very high doses for the rest of their life. Now their brain HAS the receptors that they needed to stimulated with opiates and they are binded. Now they dont steal, lie, and get arrested all the time, or if you never did any of that, you can now leave that dark cave you were in and go out and function.

That was always methadone and how buprenorphine started out, Suboxone was just made to erradicate the clinic system. Suboxone has a "low" abuse potental so they can give it out in 30 day counts with a doctor visit. This wont happen..... it hasnt been very effective with morphine abusers and heroin cost less than candy. It has however been effective with some people with codeine addictions and people with very "mild" morphine addictions. If anyone didnt understand, that is why they are used.