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[quote]extramedullary hematopoiesis: red blood cell production outside the vertebrae. Red blood cells are derived from the stem cells in the bone marrow throughout the body. When individuals become severely anemic, there is not enough space in the ctive bone marrow to produce hemoglobin, and the body begins to make blood outside the bone marrow: in the spleen, liver, and sometimes outside the vertebrae, which can compress the spinal cord, leading to paralysis I heard of paralysis happening to a painter (who died this past 2003 as a young man about 44). He was being seen for prostate cancer, and he had pain in his back & bones, but didn't get a diagnosis for that. He was paralyzed due to?

[quote]Per his sister, "Correct diagnosis was that his red blood cell where reproducing outside of the spine causing spinal cord compression.. Once this happens you have a 72 hour slide period to have surgery to release the compression or a bone marrow transplant. Maurice missed this 72 hour period by two weeks. Because other oncologist did not do his job well. Maurice was in Little co. of Mary Hospital and this doctor came in the room and pressed his hand on his back and said no pain no cancer on back.I responded how could he feel pain he is on morphine. The Dr. rudely turned to me and said he has a few small cancer spots in his tummy and walked away..."

The chemical that affects painters & many others is 2-butoxyethanol (a pesticide, solvent, poison). The first thing people notice who are affected by it is all-the-time fatigue that no rest helps - No energy; then depression all the time, very grouchy personality changes ... This chemical, also known as ethylene glycol monobuytl ether, is known to cause hemolytic anemia, but I have wondered why it is so hard to find? The red blood cell counts come in borderline normal. Then I realized that it takes awhile for the blood system to get so bad that it shows up. The retic ratio should indicate if there aren't enough mature red blood cells, shouldn't it?