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I think I read that you were on a huge dose of Morphine like 200 plus a day. That is a massive ammout in my opinion to be doing it on your own. Maybe your right and an inpatient would be good. What ever the way I wish you the best of luck and strength to find your way to recovery.
I agree w/ Sam, Morphine6........Morphine detox is gonna be a bit more uncomfortable than percs or vikes.......there may be a few on the board that can help.....i know w/oxy's they
taper you with vicoden or percs, so maybe it is the same.....if you want i can research it a bit more. Don't worry my little monkey friend likes to try to get my attention these days.......but NO WAY!!! I don't ever want to feel dope sick again!!!!!, I am on day9 today.....things are finally getting better. i am gonna do a little research for ya and get back to you........til then just HANG ON
Oh I certainly do hope you find one TODAY! You need some help with this... it's almost more than one person should have to endure. I really want you to know that i'm thinking about you and praying for you to get some relief. Not sure if I already said this but most people w/chronic pain (I have a friend who's HIV+ and he's on methadone) who are also addicts need methadone for help. The methadone controls the pain very well and it does the trick... you won't need anything else. At least, I hope not. If you can't find a doctor to prescribe it for you, maybe you can call a clinic and just go for the time being to help you during this time of finding a new doctor. You might could just go for about 10 days? Then, it will help you with the morphine wds and during this time, you can find a doctor that will help you. Also, two weeks isn't long enough for you to become physically dependent on the meth. OR... if you have enough Morphine --- can you just take a small dosage... enough to handle the wds until you get to a doc? I know I never could control my lortabs... if I had them, I was going to take them and I mean tons at a time. However, some people can taper and hang on to them if they know that it means they will be very sick if they take too many. Anyway, I'm just trying to offer up some relief until you can get some of your own. I'm pulling for you more than you know and please keep us posted here! You WILL beat this and feel so much better... You can get someone to help you with your pain and this addiction!