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I just wanted to let everyone who was here for me know that I got answers to my problem today thats going to work out fine. I saw my HIV doc for my monthly check-u and informed him of what my primary doc was doing to me with giving me 30 to find another doc to handle my pain management. He told me not to worry, for me to see the pain doc that im trying to see andin the meantime, if i run out of morphine that he would prescribe it for me. He also told me to go ahead with my vacation plans for the 9th of march to go to memphis to see some old friends and he would give me enough to take with me. That if I didnt like the pain doc I was going to see that he has some he works with that we could work with and that he would contact the pharmaceutical company that makes morphine and get it for me on the patient help program so i wont have to pay 113 to 148 bucks a week for it. THANK GOD!! I knew he was a great doc but had never in 3 yrs gone to him about anything having to do with my morphine. He said that shows him that its for pain and not for me to get high with and he has no problem with it. Everyone take care and thatnks for everything. Ill keep in touch :wave:
Good to hear some good news from you-morphine6!
You are dealing w/ so many issues..
I wish you the best..
Sadsis :wave:
Have a wonderful trip!
Morph - You have NO idea how worried I have been about you! I am just so happy that you found help! You really have been through an ordeal and you deserve some peace of mind. Let me ask you something as I have absolutely no experience w/morphine... the amount you are taking... is it a safe amount? You really are not an addict, right? I know you have legitimate pain but you aren't taking more than prescribed or having tolerance issues, right? Please don't get upset with me about this... I just wanted to ensure that this is the right path for you which is to stay on morphine and not try to take something else less addictive or anything like that. Again, I'm really, really happy for you. I promise... I was just under the impression that there was a level of addiction involved. If that's not the case, then this is absolutely wonderful news! Again, you deserve peace of mind! And hey - don't be a stranger now that you have yourself a good doctor and a plan in place... please still post to us and let us know how you are... even if you aren't an addict.
Great news morphine6!I agree with sadsister...you have alot on your plate right now.Good Luck