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Hi guys. How is everyone today?

Banker- I have taken narcotics on and off for a couple years, and have been abusing them for probably a little over a year straight this time. I have only been prescribed to the lortabs since the end of december. Before that, it was always just for fun. I really regret abusing them for so long now because I actually need them for pain, and they basically do nothing for me because of my tolerance. Up until recently, I would do the oxycontins when they came around. I would snort about 200-240mg. a day, every day as long as I could get them. Sometimes it would be a week, other times it would be a month. When the oc's were not around, I would take 10-12 10mg. lortabs a day just to keep the w/d's away. I also used to do whatever else was around at the time. fentanly patches and suckers, morphine, percocets, basically any good opiate.

I just got done with a little oc binge on sunday, and have only been taking 4 7.5mg. lortabs a day. I have had withdrawls that started on monday. I havn't eaten anything since sunday, or really got more than a couple hours of sleep. I've been extremely weak, and pretty restless. Today is day 3, so I should start feeling better tomorrow or the next day.

I had a doctors appointment scheduled for thursday, and I was debating whether or not to tell the doctor. The office called me today and re-scheduled my appointment for next week thursday(or friday. don't remember). They gave me a refill on my lortabs too, which I was not expecting. They gave me 30 pills, to make it until my next appointment. I am going to be smart about it this time though. I'm going to keep fighting those cravings and the withdrawl and continue to taper. I've handed the pills over to my mother. She will be helping me with the taper. I will continue to take 4 pills a day for another 2 days, 3 at most, then we will cut the dose again. I am going to just continue to do this on my own for now, and I will tell the doctor if necessary.

My plan for the taper is to cut my dose by 1/2 a pill or a whole pill every 4 to 5 days. Does this sound like a good plan? I want to be as comfortable as can be expected, but don't want to drag this out forever. I have a month or two before surgery, and like I mentioned the doctor said that I cannot have taken any pills for 7 days before the surgery. So, I want to make sure that I am off with a few weeks to spare.

I still think about getting medical help with this process every day, but for some reason I can never bring myself to make that call. Would it really be that much easier with help? Or is it basically comparable to tapering off by myself? All this is such a huge strain on your mind huh?

Thanks again for the suport guys. I need to go lay down now. I'll talk to everyone later.