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We all have our pity parties! You are doing good to have just one a week- I usually manage three or four a week. :)

I am so sorry you are experiencing so much pain and problems. My cousin has SEVERE back problems and they tried every medication under the sun. They finally had to insert a "morphine drip." (Cut him open and inserted a container that hold morphine....) He administers the "pump" himself- it lasts about three months and they have to go back in and refill the container. Wow, huh?

Hang in there, Marcia, and if you ever want to have a pity party together....just flag me down! :)

God bless,
Should we compare our schedules and pencil one in for next week.I will have my people contact your people and we will go from there kay?
I have also been contemplating various intrathecal options such as the morpine pump that your cousin is using.i have really been researching this brand new drug called Zinconotide.Get this, it is made from,are you ready?snail venom.Somehow they discovered that this venom ,from a sea snail has certain properties that could be a very useful painkiller in us human folk.it is delivered the same way as the morphine pump.Isn't that just bizarre?At least someone out there is working feverishly to come up with newer and better ways of treating intractable pain.Maybe some day i will find something that works.The best that i have been able to acheive right now is a little bit of dissociation from the pain.I am now tapered up to the full dose of the anti seizure med Gabitril.It has taken me since the 6th of Feb up to three days ago to get up to the full 20mg dose.The worst part about the anti seizure meds is that they will really kick your butt in the tiredness dept until your body gets used to them.but they are supposed to be the very best thing to treat nerve pain.I should know within about a weeks time now whether or not this drug actually works for me.Keep your fingers ,or any other body part, crossed for me ,okay? thanks for caring Michelle,It really does mean alot. Have a ducky day. marcia