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I've been fighting with back problems for quite a few years. I had back surgery in 1987. I had a fusion done and the doctor installed rods. Since then in the past few years I've expierienced bad pain in my back. I went to an orthopedic specialist who x-rayed me, But however he did not do it properly and as a resuld he sent me to physical therapy, and steroid injections. I was promised the moon through this pain management co. This went on for approx. a year and a half. And by the way did not do one ounce of good. He finnally told me I probably would need a morphine pump. I went to another doctor and was told after the proper x-rays were done that I had a broken Luque rod on the right and the Harrington rod on my left had moved out of place. On top of all of this I have Grade1 spondylolthesis and it appears that the original fusion did not ever heal properly. The doctor said he could remove the old hardware and replace it with a newer version. He said it would involve fusion at the old level and a fusion at L5-S1. He also said I would probably need decompression and a morphine pump. I've had problems with side effects from pain meds and this worries me , also I've heard that most of the time this sort of thing is done, that it can cause worse pain afterwards after an original surgery has failed. I would like some knowledgable opinions before I make up my mind.What are the pros and cons concerning a morphine pump and the surgery I've talked about. Any insight would mostly be appreciated. I've also underwent chemo and radiation in1985 and was wondering if this might also have some bearing on my outcome? Thank You! May GOD lead us all! Also do you know if there is any legal action concerning the makers of these defective rods?