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how can you guys say that there is no comparison between opiates?...first let me clear up any confusion on my statemnt....what i was saying is if you only did hydrocodone,no other opiates,ever......and you took oxy,the oxy would take away your w/d's....i wasnt saying take 30 of them.....if you had a habit of 10 vikes a day,as we know,and you took one 5 mg of oxycodone,chances are you wouldnt feel euphoric but it would releive some of your w/d's.....now,in perspective,as i know..ive takin bupenorphine for four years,i think that can clarify as having knowledge of the medicine,that the only reasonj i took the med was to releive the w/d's....thats probably why everyone takes bupenorphine....so they wont have w/d's from their drug of choice.....well,buprenex/subutex/suboxone or all the same drug...bupenorphine...
and it is a opiate....the same as any opiate...same characteristics....same as darvocett,dilaudid,morphine,heroin,lortab,percodan,ect....they are all opiates...and what happens when you stop taking opiates....you have w/d's when youve takin them like most of us have....when you stop buprenex your going to have w/d's...that is what im saying....and it is the same thing...same coin...same old song and dance...and if you were to take some other type of opiate,your withdrawing from the bupenorphine now...your going to releive your w/d's....do you understand what im trying to say here...there is no difference if you wish to releive your w/d symptoms its the point your releiveng the symptoms....and your doing it with an opiate...sure a morphine pump is different than tussionex...its the point when all is said and done,they are both opiates.....and after prolonged abuse cause the same thing....the drugs are stronger than we are and we cant do it alone...so we take a different opiate...sounds like the same thing to me....an opiate is an opiate....
Well, it's easy to say no to drugs when already loaded on buprenorphine (Buprenex, Subutex, Suboxone) anyway. This is why morphine was considered a cure for alcoholism or cocaine for morphine addiction.

Substituting one drug for another still results in addiction -- just to a different substance. Buprenorphine is just another opiate but a legal one like methadone.

Better than using street heroin or other illegal narcotics but the addiction remains as strong as ever. :confused: