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Hi Banker, It is really good that you check out your meds,do you keep copies of the possible side effects and all of the other important info? also, being on multiple meds, you should always keep a running list of all the meds that you are on in your purse, just in case you should need it,you know.this saves alot of time from an emergency medical point of view.you know, i have wondered about something for awhile and this is the perfect opportunity to ask.Being on the sub, and since you could have such a bad reaction if you are given narcotics,I am suprised that the RXing doc dosen't say anything about possibly getting a medic alert tag to warn ems personel that if you are given something like morphine, which is pretty standard if you have an accident or something to relieve pain,before and also when you get to the hospital.If you should suffer from something like a concussion where you have lost all or some of your mentation, you wouldn't be able to let the medical staff know about the sub and as you know,could suffer some pretty strong and life threatening reactions.Your doc may well have told you this and it just wasn't ever mentioned here.but if not, it is something to think about you know?*&^% happens.

With regard to the topimax and being a potent med.It all depends on how you look at it.I was on neurontin for two and a half years before i was switched to the Gabitril,which is in the same med group.I never really thought of either drug as being really potent.i looked at it as more of a way to kill some of my nerve pain without the use of a strong narcotic.you have to look at every drug that you take,and ask yourself"do the benifits of taking it out weigh the risks" and go from there.How important is not being overweight to you?There are some health risks with being overweight,so you have to ultimately decide just what is most important to you.i myself wouldn't think that there would be a problem in taking it, but that is me.The biggest problem that i had when i was first given it was in my head I am thinking, Gee i am on a anti seizure med.I think that because of what it does, it just seems like it would be a potent drug to take,do you know what i mean?it's more a phsycological thing.i just told myself that this will help me to reach my goal of being as pain free as possible and i have been fine with taking these types of drugs ever since.

With regard to the diazide, it is a very common drug given to patients that are suffering from edema caused by many different conditions such as chronic heart failure and kidney patients.It is fairly innocuous.you just have to make sure that you are supplementing your potassium as i stated before.but at the dosage you were given ,and only taking it every three weeks,i don't think this is as big of an issue for you,i would just ask my Doc.He might suggest that you suppliment only when actually using it as your potassium may drop suddenly when you increase your urine output.

Now, with regard to the Ambien, i definitely would bring back the amount that you were over rxed as this could come back to haunt you at some point,and it is just the right thing to do.they also need to be aware that they have a pharmacist who dosen't know how to count.i wonder how many other times this kind of thing has happened.this is a rather huge liability issue for them and they really need to know just what happened so they can take measures to prevent it from happening again.i have to say that when I was still taking the hydros this was my ultimate fantasy,lol.You know, what if the pharmacist miscounted or accidently gave me a refill that i wasn't supposed to have.We probably all had that one.

i think that with regard to your concerns over taking all of the drugs that you are on right now? take them for about a month and then evaluate just how effective they have been and how you feel.Then go from there,you know?it could be the best combo of meds ever for treating all the things that you are trying to treat,or it could be the opposite.But you wont know until you have given this a shot.I hope this helps banker. Marcia