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Thanks so much for all the sweet words. I am so alone . . . . it can be quite exasperating. Someone who posted thought I was taking Oxycontin - it is MS Contin - a morphine based drug. I don't handle morphine well and that is the one drug I want to get off. I don't mind the Oxycodones. They do help my pain a lot - I could not have a daily life without them as far as moving around because the severe pain is in both of my feet due to a birth deformity that has gotten worse with age. I don't think Morphine helps me much which is why I want off. The only thing it does - it gets my body addicted to it. I hate that. I don't want anything controlling me. I am fine with or without the Oxycodones - I can go without for days on end. I just want off the MS Contin because although I can be off of it for days wihtout suffering any emotional issues - I do suffer withdrawals physically (chills, sweating, aching). So - that's my story and I do appreciate you all!!!! :)
Hi catwomen..
(one of my childhood heros)..yes..the ms contin..is the morphine..i believe time released?i took them before..didn't work..oxys help w/ the breakthru pain(or w/d's)..so you could come off the mscontin using the oxys..
Im sorry you feel so badly..the pain issue is a tough one..have you asked your dr.what he suggests?
Some people are on methadone for pain-but its very tough to kick that..
Id try weaning off the mscontins and use the oxys as needed.
Hope you have a better day..