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I'm a newbie who originally posted here a couple days while beginning a morphine CT.

However, I have been off benzos for over a year now. 4-6 mgs of Xanax a day which I realize is not a huge dose but not too shabby either. I took it for 5 years.

I did start with the Ashton protocol. I did not follow it specifically. To be honest, at first my brain was so fogged I couldn't even figure out the switchover plan.

So I started with 40 mgs of valium. She would recommend 80, a 2 to 1 ratio. I was a zombie!! Valium is a way different drug. Much more sedating. So I cut it to 20 and that worked for me.

Yes, I had wd symptoms but nothing unbearable.

I then cut pretty rapidly at first. I cut the dosage in half every two weeks til I got down to 5 mgs then slowed it down. Toward the end at 3 mgs, I just thought I want this poison out of my body. It took me probably 8 months all told. It's a long haul. I kept reading that it's not a race and it's important to keep that in mind becuase it does go slowly.

Valium is very long acting. I think it's half life can be as long as 200 hours. That was the rationale behind Dr. Ashton's protocol. That the drug would metabolize so slowly, the wd would be minimized.

Anyway, I switched to restoril and tapered down to 7.5 mgs and quit. Restoril is a big nothing in the benzo world. I really couldn't even tell I was taking it. And when I stopped, my symptoms got no worse.

It was a long unpleasant trip but does not compare to this nightmare of narcotic wd, IMO. I was never this sick. Sure, I had anxiety, insomnia, little electric shocks, etc. Who cares? I just ignored it.

And trust me, I'm not trying to start the argument of which wd is worse. Just relating my personal experience.

Nor am I trying to belittle anyone's experience. I know many people have had horrendous benzo wds. It seems to be an individual thing.

The bad news is that it seems to rewire your brain permanently. Over a year later and I still suffer from occassional panic attacks and almost daily insomnia. I know they say it doesn't cause permanent brain damage but you can't prove it by me. Maybe it takes longer than a year.

So get it off it now. Do not listen to the doctors. Listen to us who have been there.

I loved that Xanax buzz BTW. All the worries of the world just floating away. I think Xanax may be the only benzo that does that. I have pretty much tried them all.