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it went well i guees but it is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like someone is constantly stabbing me in the wrist/palm, i have this stupid huge cast from my fingertips to almost my elbow. i got vikes, 500 not 750!!! these freakin things aren't killing the pain at all...i will hang in there though, i've only taken 4 since 1p.m.....the 1st one being in recovery room....no morphine or other pain shots, now i wish i had gotten one cuz the pain pills can't stay on top of the pain. i keep doing relaxation breathing, kind of works...typing with my rt hand hubby is being really goodand helping me time my meds...he is going to hold on to them....hope he leaves me enough tomorrow, hes got to work, mom-in-law has baby...ok this is hard typing with one hand....thanks for asking bout me....how are you???????????????????