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Hello everyone, I am finally able to sit at the computer after having the IDET procedure done on 11/14/02. I hate to say this, but the procedure was very painful. The Doctor had wanted to perform the procedure on 2 of my disc (L4 & L5) but he could only do one because of the pain I experienced. He did manage to complete the procedure on the worst disc after giving me Versed and Morphine in the IV. Since I was mostly awake and aware during the procedure I was able to tell him that as he heated the disc it did cause the old pain to run it's path down my buttock, into the hip and down to the knee, which meant he had struck gold...

I have to admit that the old pain is mostly gone now, whew, and all I am suffering with is lower back pain. It is still hard for me to sit up long and the corset is really hard to get used to. I am strictly following the Doctor's orders but I am beginning to hate the sofa and tv.

Even though this procedure was painful for me I have talked to people who had harldy any pain during the procedure. I believe I am an exception because I have such a low pain tolerance. I would recommend anyone to at least give IDET a try because anything is better than going under the knife.