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Hi, very sorry to hear of your pain. No you shouldn't have to suffer. First you need to go to pain specialists and beware there are some still in the dark ages as far as pain relief. You are not the only one that has gone thru this and you need to know that. More doctors are realizing that short term immediate heavy drug relief will often lead to faster and complete recovery instead of long term chronic pain.
I do not know what you insurance will accomodate but you need to get to another mp,

I am on slow realease morphine because this has helped me become mobile and able to function in the real world. I get moody and depressed still but I can dress myself and walk and do quite a bit of the housework. I still have pain but the masks it so well I can get on with my life.
They say when you are getting better you just start to forget taking your dose with true chronic pain. so take it easy- try to/ I am sending all my good thoughts for you and please let me know. I look in off and on.

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