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I am so pathetic, I am laying here waiting for someone to post..lol....

yes, it is lumbar: L3-4 and L4-5. He is not using graft, but bone dowels. Yes, screws and rods. They won't have to be removed, he said, though.

How long were you in the hospital? Does the morphine work? He told me I would be a world of pain for three days, but would keep me on the IV meds. I am worried about how severe the pain will be when I wake up.

I don't have to use the heavy plastic "shell" type brace because of the hardware. Just the velcro strapped "warm and form" brace that I already have, I guess.

Let me know more... thank YOU!

Hi again!

Oh no you are not pathetic! By no means! You are just very nervous. I know I have been there and still there since I now an awaiting cervical surgery. I already had two lumbar surgeries this year! My last was the fusion of L4-5 and L5-S1.

With my fusion I used my bone and only cages. No, rods or screws. I was in the hospital for 5 days. I could not use Morphine because I am allergic to it. Bummer hey? Yes, I am glad he did not lie to you. You will be in a lot of pain. Be thankful though that you are not using the bone for the graft. Some people had more pain with the harvest site then anything else. I was one of the lucky ones......mine didn't hurt much at all. I also stayed on IV meds for 3 days.

Try not to worry about the pain after. You can tell them the pain you are in and they should give you more meds. to keep you somewhat comfortable. Don't wait too long to say you hurt and don't candy coat it. Tell them how you feel. No sense in suffering.

My brace wasn't the "turtle shell" type that I have seen but mine was a vertalign. It had an opening for air to get in in the back and an opening right where the breast could come through. Yea it looked pretty stupid! lol

What more would you like to know? Ask away. :D That is what we all do best here. That is to help others get through this before and after.

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