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Hey Pebble's and anyone else who is reading all this worryful nonsense....

Just wondering what pain meds they might release me on? I have Percocet right now, but my pain level is way down since all I do is lay in bed. No sitting, walking or standing... Anyway, I am going to my daughter's after the surgery and hopefully will bust out the following Sat. or Sunday. She requested Christmas week off to be home with me (at her house) but I am concerned about pain level during the holiday and all.

I don't mean to be selfish or worried TOO much, but still can't help but think about it. Percocet didn't really do that much for me when my back first went bye-bye Oct. 30 (for the fourth time in my life.. or more). Will that be enough? Also, my surgeon said he would give me Valium along with the Perc. What is that for? To help me relax? Or muscle spasms? Not sure...

My ex hubby had a gastric bypass and they gave him a morphine patch. I wonder about that, too.

With my other 3 back surgeries I always woke up with my back on fire from pain. Whatever they gave me for pain meds really didn't seem to do much, but I don't suppose it was morph, right? Just for decompression / laminectomies I suppose I just got Demerol shots. I think my IV's always came out that next morning, so I don't think I had morphine, right? I know I didn't have a self administering pump.

Then, just one more thing.......(since I am venting)..... how about all these people that have back conditions, go in for surgery, are in terrible pain, etc. at the time of surgery and then say when they wake up from surgery they HAVE NO PAIN?? Never could figure that out? Am I just a weinie, or was these other people's pain so much worse than mine that the surgical incision and the surgery didn't hurt? Ever hear of that?

Okay....done blabbing....just getting nervous that's all. I appreciate being able to come to this board and talk about it. My family and friends are tired of hearing about it........LOL...... thanks and talk later...