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Hi Baxter,

I know I have been gone for awhile and I'm sooooo frustrated. I emailed you as a reply in one of your posts tonight.HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY?? I see you have had your surgery????? Ohhhhhhhhh, that is such a surgery! I know your pain.

In the past month or so, I have had a myleogram and CT Scan, been to a physiatrist, to a chiropractor who does massage therapy, to my own massage therapist and to the surgeon who did my lumbar surgery almost 3 years ago, to a pain clinic as well.

The myleogram, CT scan showed no herniations in my lower back and that was a surprise to all 3 drs. I have seen. There was noted "degenerative changes" in the SI joints and facet joints.

So, my surgeon said to me, there is nothing I see that I can repair. He suggested the physiatrist who wanted to put me on narcotic med therapy (a morphine patch). First, I tried the TENS unit that did nothing. I didn't want to do the narcotics because I work.The physiatrist and my surgeon recommended injections at a pain clinic. (I've had 10 injections over the past year and a half)

My surgeon also said that he feels that i may have problems with the disc beneath where he fused me, however, he couldn't "SEE" it on the CT scan films and I can't have an MRI because of the metal already in my back.

He mentioned a discogram but he says he hardly ever orders them because they are painful and in his opinion, not very diagnotic because it is hard to tell if the pain is from the test itself or the disc injection.

He also referred me to a pain clinic for facet joint injections...........I waited 4 weeks to get in for a consult and then 4 more weeks to start that procedure, of which I have had one done. I had 6 injections done a week ago with no big notice of improvement.

I have 2 more sessions of injections.......

So, there you have it, plus, I work full time!

I am soooo discouraged. I have leg/thigh and groin pain like lots of others I read here. And, those are the symptoms I had before, with a disc herniation.

So, tonight I will ask questions about the discogram again to see if I should insist on it because I don't know what else to do if the injections don't help.

My myleogram/CT scans reported "mild" this and that and that is so FAR from the pain I feel everyday. I sometimes wonder, do I imagine this?

Well, thanks for listening and I have really unloaded on you, you who has your own issues.

thanks for listening and please write back!