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I am a little nervous, but know I must have it done. I have gotten reassurance from my surgeon's office girls, so that makes me feel better, too. I am his last surgery of the day.....about 2 or 3, I guess.

My daughter will sleep with me tonight (have a king size bed) and we are going "antiquing" in the morning in the town where I am having surgery to take my mind off stuff. I have to be at the hospital at 11:30. She said he always runs ahead, so might be in there by 2 or so, I hope.

I know tomorrow night will be rough and a few nights to come, but you'll have that. A couple of gals stopped over today and the one had two level several years ago. She said the morphine did not even touch pain. Her surgery was 11 hours long. I know every instance is different, so I'll see how it goes.

I am going to email my daughter a link to this page so she can do a post either Tues. night or Wed. night. Probably Wed. night. She's a good daughter.

The thing that I must focus on are the gifts I bought for her and their family. I got a picture made of the baby and will take that to my room to look at while I am in pain. My reward is that I will be able to watch the baby as I try to get back on my feet, at my daughter's home. She is prepared to do everything and anything for me while I try to get back on track a bit.

I hope Baxter is finding some relief. It will be good to talk to her again after my surgery....

Many thanks to all and maybe I will post more later...

Thank you again Rob and Lisa, too. I keep re-reading your post on Baxter's (or someone else's) message where you said you had no post-op pain. Hope I'll be like you...

Love to all,