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Hi Mary, :wave:

I am so excited for you, so tomorrow is the big day huh ?
What time do you have to report in ?
I know how nervous you must be, but you will be fine :)

Remember, I will be here waiting for you when you return home, and I hope the pain will not be so bad.

I am going to copy and paste your earlier post, that way I won't miss any of your questions.

posted 12-16-2002 04:29 AM
Hi Baxter...
Wonder if you are resting/sleeping or if you are up? I went to sleep at 9 or a little after and slept really good til my daughter from CA woke me up with a call. She always forgets the 2 hour time diff...! She is calling this morning before noon.. (again.)

**(I was actually up, but trying to get some reading done, I'm glad you got some good rest, because you will need the energy)

Now here I am awake again and worrying, wouldn't you know? I only have one more day... ah gees......

It seems like yesterday the cold kind of went into my lungs a bit. I don't know what to do about that, really. I have to call my doctor's office this morning to get my surgery time, as I don't know it yet. I told one of the gal's last week that I felt like I was getting a cold and she told me to let them know if it got too bad. What is too bad??? Maybe they could do another chest xray when I get there before surgery? I don't know?

**(Did you call the doc today to see what they thought?). Believe me, they will only do the surgery, after giving you a clean bill of health, so I hope you will be well enough)

My nose isn't too stuffed, but my chest feels a little tight. My daughter (here in Iowa) says she thinks I'm okay, but I don't know??? I'll have to see when I get fully awake and around...

** (I know from first hand experience, that tightness is not a good sign, now you have me very worried, please don't go through the surgery if you are sick).

I don't think there is anything wrong with you using that ice. Like I said, I used it for a long time on my second surgery.

** (The ice has been helping, I have it on my back now, I just got up and did some more walking also)

Baxter, does that morphine PCA or whatever it is called work? Is a person awake enough to hit the button? I have never had morphine before, I am sure. My daughter says it will numb me all over so I don't feel anything. Not sure about that? How long did you have the pump in the hospital? Your surgery was Fri. and you were home on Tues. When did they take that pump out and go to oral meds?

** (The pain pump meds. (Demoral on Fri & Sat.) and Morphine (Sun.-Monday) never made me numb at all, it controls the pain, and makes you very sleepy.
I was in and out of it daily.
You will be awake to hit that button, and believe me, boy, was I ever hitting it.
Mine was set to release every six minutes if I needed the med, and sometimes I tried to hit it at two minutes. It only releases the med, if you hit the button. The nurses are constantly waking you up to check on you, so you will be awake alot of the time, not to mention, even though I had a catheter until Tuesday morning, they gave me so many stool softeners, that I was up crapping all of the time. I hated every minute of it)
I also got oral meds, I think starting on Sat. night.
I was given percocet and valium, all while on the pain pump.
I was happy to have it,it really helps.)

Ah Sh_t...I'm scared, yeah I am.. I wish my daughter could be with me tomorrow night so I didn't have to be alone. That stupid boy friend finally called me yesterday and I am not sure why. He said his "tooth" had been terrible over the past days......big deal, huh? Like that is any excuse for treating me horribly? He has some empty boxes he has been saving for me and says he is going to drop them off today. Oh joy......I don't think I'll go to the door, because if I let him in I will tell him off and then that will really upset me.

** (You are doing the right thing, trash him for good, he doesn't deserve you ! Stick him in one of the boxes, and mail him off to somebody that treats him, like he treats you !
Will anyone be there for you after the surgery ? I know your daughter can't be there, but if you are alone, you will barely remember it anyway, at least I barely remember my husband until Saturday morning.
He said when I came out from surgery, I was mumbling all sorts of unknown things.
I wish I could be there with you, but I will be there in spirit, I will be praying for you so hard :angel:

Well, this is it for now I guess. I am going to see what's on the news channel for now. Hope you are resting Baxter. Talk to ya tomorrow...... keep using the ice...

Mary, you will be fine, we can at least go through the recovery together, just like we planned.
I wish you all the luck in the world, and I promise, I will be here for you.

I will miss you so much while you are in the hospital.
Sorry I didn't post earlier, but I had alot of phone calls to take care of today.
I still haven't read either yesterday's paper or today's for that matter.

I will be on again later, if you need me.

Please get a good night's rest, I know that is easier said then done.
I was able to take my Xanax before reporting to the hospital, the Anest. doc. o.k.'d it for me.
I was still nervous, but not as anxious.
You will be fine [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/bang.gif[/img]

Take Care,
Baxter [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/love2.gif[/img] [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/heart.gif[/img] :angel: