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Sometimes it seems so endless. I am so sorry to hear about your pain. We have chatted before regarding the removal of your hardware. Unfortunately you may not find answers. I had my second opinion from a spine specialist at Duke after my increased pain after surgery in Feb and they can't find anything. My pain comes from deep within the bone and is a consistent, hard, burning ache. Runs from the middle of my back way down my butt, sometimes going down my legs. Sometimes my hip joints ache and burn. Of course my husband says: "Who could find anything amoungst a thick forest of titanium? That in itself would cause one to have pain."

I am currently under the care of a pain management dr. Have you tried that route? You might at least get something for the pain. I am on duragesic patches and they help somewhat, at least I feel better than I did before the patch. The pain dr might also suggest some tests, they did for me. EMG or diskograms, or mylegrams if you haven't already. Does the WC prevent you from getting further treatment? It can be extremely hard to get a diagnosis, but certainly worth the effort. I am not sure what one does now that they say they can't find anything. They just recommended pain management. I am still waiting on my healing from above....(The Great Physician). Maybe someone else will have more advice for you...hope you have a painfree day....Jo H.

1979: Fell from scaffold onto gymnasium floor. Decompression Laminectomy L1-L3 w/Spinal Fusion and Harrington Rods Insertion.
1992: Harrington rod breakage and dislodging. Removal and refitted with smaller hardware and re fused.
2001: Pain Again. MRI inconclusive due to hardware
2001: Diskogram shows bulging and DDD at L4-S1 due to domino effect
2002 Feb: 10 hr. surgery. 360 fusion and hardware extended with "connector" to S1. 3 Titanium cages placed anteriorally. Fused from L1-S1.
2002 Sept: Pain worse than before surgery.
2002 Oct: EMG shows damage to L5 and S1
2002 Oct: CT Myelogram ordered.

Duragesic Patch 50 mg
Morphine Sulf 15mg for bt pain
Nitrofurantoin for UTI prevention

Believing God will heal me!

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