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Hi Alison, :wave:

I don't want to scare you, but what I meant is the recovery at home is horrible, not so much the surgery itself.

I was so drugged up in the hospital on demoral and morphine, that I could care less what was going on there.

It is very painful the day after surgery, when they force you to walk though.

I believe in telling people exactly as I feel, and this is the pits.

I had two levels fused on 12/6/02, with a bone graft from my pelvic bone. L5-S1 L2-3
The incision was done from the back, not the front.

My incision is 15 inches long, it starts at the very top of the butt crack, and goes all the way up to my bra line.

I am getting better every day, I keep seeing some improvement in mobility daily, but the pain is still intense, and the lack of sleep is terrible.
I even take ambien for sleep, and it doesn't seem to phase me one bit.

Maybe you won't have as much trouble as I am having, due to going in from the front, and only fusing a single level.

I can tolerate pain quite well, in fact I refused the RX's to use at home, because I thought I was Super Woman.
Well, two days later, I had to start taking percocet for the pain , as well as ambien for sleep.

Neither one helps much though, the pain is still here, and I can't sleep worth a S*** !
I thought the percocet was the best stuff in the world after I took it the first night, but it just doesn't help as much as the original dose.

I just keep in mind that each day will get better for me, and know I made the right decision, because my original pain symptoms are gone, now I am only dealing with the post op pain.

This pain will not last forever, and I want to return to my original quality of life prior to the car accident.

I will pray for you that you have very little pain :angel:

Not all people experience the same pain, but a fusion is in no way compared to the pain of say, a gallbladder operation.
It really knocks you on your A**.

The recovery is a long process, I am very antsy, and want to heal overnight, but have now faced the fact that that will not be happening.

It is highly invasive, and the recovery is difficult.
It is so hard to get comfortable, that is the hardest part for me, but like I said, I see improvement each and every day.

Please don't let the pain control your mind, as I had one really dark night, with some very dark thoughts.
Thank god for the people on this board, as they got me thinking clearly again.

Again, all people are different, this is just my experience, and hope you have an easier recovery.

Good luck with the fusion, and we will all be here for you if you need us for anything [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/heart.gif[/img]

Please just ask me, if you have any more questions, I will be here for you.

Take Care,
Baxter [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/love2.gif[/img]