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I used methadone for a while in the 80's 90's but then suddenly I started feeling sick from the tablets I swithched to morphine slow release and that had the same effect now I'm on morphine injections with maxalon to stop any vomitting and it's working O.K. but I'm going for trials on a morphine pump in February
May you all be pain free


I've never heard of meth being used for pain control. But oxycontin is very effective, especially because it is time released. Then again you've got the stigma issues, and it's been in the news so much because of thefts from pharmacies and people abusing it. But people have the potential to abuse any pain medication, whether it's oxy or demerol or morphine, so I don't really know why any one would get singled out above and beyond another. It just aggravates everyones' lives who are trying to responsibly manage their pain.

The benefit to the oxy would be there are none of those side effects like spacey-ness or being dizzy or lightheaded, etc. Some of the short-acting pain meds are good for breakthrough pain or accute pain, but when dealing with the chronic pain and management, it's a different monster all together.

It's my opinion that those of us in chronic pain face a lot of potential inaccurate treatment or undertreatment, and that the fears of addiction can be given more attention than the fear of quality of life. A chronic pain sufferer is not addicted, but dependent, just as one would be on insulin or a heart med, -- it's how we function.

I am extremely fortunate in my work with my physician and managing the pain from my back problems, and for that I am thankful. I have seen how difficult it can be, for those on both sides of this battle.
What was the discogram procedure like? Why was it ordered? And what did your doctor hope would be accomplished through it?

I've had horrible reactions to many dyes, and when I was on morphine sulfate I thought I was going to have a heart attack from the terrible reaction I had.

I dread anything requiring contrast!

I get migraines as it is, triggered by things inoccuous to most people.
Not to scare you, but the discogram was awful..... [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/t_down.gif[/img] I wasn't given anything prior to having it done. After the procedure, I was given Fentanyl IV. I was sent home with Morphine. The ESI was not half as bad as the discogram. Good luck to you! :)