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I was having some low back pain and muscle spamsm for a coule weeks about 3-4 months ago. I saw the chiropractor and my dr. and complained that my left leg seems to be feeling a little numb and tinly and it is hard to walk with it. That lasted a couple of months and I didn't give much thought to it. Then on 11/23 I went out in the woods for about 3 hours and sat on a rock watching for deer to come buy. No luck. My lower back started spasming. I went into the house and didn't hunt the next 2 weeks because of back pain. I called my dr and got a muscle relaxant perscribed. Also he presecibed that i start physical therapy in a couple of weeks.
on 11/27 I went to an ER in city1. They thought it was just normal low back pain and wanted to do an mRI but it was to small for me and they woulnd't order something to knock me out so they could get me in the tube. So I went home in pain.
During the next week the pain just got alot worse and started spasming all the time.
On 12/4 I saw a chiropractor and was told he thought it was nerve damage on myleft foot and that is why it was having problems with numbeness and moving. He ajusted my back and recomended I see my reg dr.
On 12/4 I saw my reg dr. and he ordered a MRI on Friday with a sedative so I would be able to have it done. He wasn't that concenred.
12/6 I tried to have the MRI done but my stupid dr didn't order the sedative so they wouldn't give me one. I was in so much pain I just couldn't lay flat on the table plus I am closterphobic. I left there in disgaust. I drove to see my dr. hoping that the dr would order me a new mri in the er in CITY2. He wouldn't and said He could order me one but it would be a week or two before they could get me in again.
I said to forget it.
I left and went to an ER in CITY 3 where I told them my plight and pain that I was in and I was currently taking methodone, valium, percacet, motrin and still couldn't lay flat on the table for the MRI and I needed something for the closterphobia etc. They ordered an mri asap with morphine. I took over an hour to get it all done. I don't remember the ending of the MRI. All I know is my disk was so bad that the drs felt I needed emergency back surgery and removed the disk at that time. I woke up a couple days latter in the Hospital wondering what had happened. My husband was a good advocate for me the entire time. It is now 8 days post op. I feel no pain in my back but I have pain and numbness still in my left foot. I am praying that the feeling comes back soon. I am starting to be able to move my foot a little bit. I t feels boiling got to freezing. Sometimes it feels like water is running over my foot when it isn't. I just want to walk again. I start therapy in a couple of weeks. I had an artificial boot made for me so I could walk easier on my bad foot however my foot is so swollen I can't get it in. I feel 15x and landed on my left foot, but/back prior to and after surgery. I now have to be watched 24 hours a day. My back hurts a little where the staples are. I get the staples out on Monday. I am so excited. I am sick of walking around with a walker. I pray this all passes qickily. Please share any uplifting thoughts with me that you can. Thanks in advance, Karla