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Hello Everyone!

I am Shanda, Mary's daughter, and she wanted me to post and let you all know how she is doing! Her surgery lasted for 2 1/2 hours and was in recovery for about an hour before they brought her up to her room at 6:00 pm. She was really horse for the first few hours and was in a moderate amount of pain! I had to kept telling her when she could push the button for the morphine, but she wasn't really needing it at that moment, she just wanted to stay ahead of the pain. They put her on a continuious feed over night so she could try to sleep without worring about the button, but I don't think she slept much anyway. I left at 8:00. This afternoon, day 2, 3:00, I talked to her on the phone and she sounded like her usual self. Just woke from a 2 hour nap. I guess she woke this morning rather sick to her stomach so they put her back on the button. When I talked to her she had gone 2 hours with out the morphine at all!!!! She had gotten out of bed once and walked to the door and back and was about to get out again when I was talking to her. They were planning on giving her oral percocet at 4:00. I talked to her again this evening and she seemed she was very pleased with the results! I think she was expecting the pain to be horrible and insted it ended up just being pretty painful not excruciating, like her second surgey that she had, so she is relieved about that, also very suprized I am sure!! 9sorry I am a bad speller!!) The Dr. says she will probablly be home on Fri. or Sat. so I am sure she will post for herself then. Feel free to post back to me and I will try and respond back for her!! Thank you all for caring so much about her and thanks to all that prayed for her!!! I think it really helped cause she is doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of her!!


PS Special thank you to Baxter, the glue that kept her together before the big day!!!

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