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Quote from doggreensector:
I am on day 9 without the vikes. I woke up this morning and was pretty stuffed up. Well the stuffed up feeling turned into an horrible ear infection with excrutiating pain. My wife took me to the doctor.

During the interim I took some tylenol and some eardrops. The pain was so bad that it almost brought me to tears. The doctors gave me some antibiotics and ultrcet for the pain. He assured me that ultracet is non-narcotic. I called the pharmacy they also said that it is a non-narcotic pain reliever.

I checked the internet and found an article that said that ultracet has very low incidence of addiction and is non-narcotic (if it is so safe then why is there any incidence of addiction to begin with).

I took two of them and the ear pain did go away but they did give that slight buss and woozy feeling. I only have six of them and they come in 37.5 mg tramadol and 325 acetminophen. I took two of them at 1.30pm west coast time and are not indicated again until 7.30pm. Has anyone heard of these? Are they truly non-narcotic non opiate, or are they.

I do have to say that I am greatful that my ear does not feel like it is going to explode anymore.


they are not a narcotic but the way they are made is how an opiate works because they bind to the receptors like an opiate does and they are made with a morphine like substance and when people take them for along period of time they can become addicting especially to people who have abused or become physically dependant to opiates it's wierd i know but i read tramadol is being sued for this discrepancy hope this helps kelleighjust be careful :angel: :angel: i had to take them myself and 3 months w/o methadone i researched everything about it