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[FONT=Century Gothic]undefined[/FONT]undefined just got the nerve to post instead of lurk. I fell 18 ft when I was 24 and when I hit 40 i bulged 4 disk L4 L5 S1 S2 have ddd spondy and sciatac pain. I was detoxed in a hospital in Jan and I don't remember much for the 12 days I was there I don't know what they had me taking, but I thought I was dieing !! They detoxed me off methadone 10 mg 3 4x day,clonazepam 1mg 3 x day, soma 350 mg 1 4x day, desyrel 10 mg at bed, effexorxr 225 in mornin. I have been on those and others morphine, hdyro. percet. valium, plus the eip's, nervblocks, and cortisone shots for 12 yrs. Now they have me on hi blood pressure toprol xl, celebrex200 2 x day, flexeril 10 mg 3 x day, buspar 15 mg 3 x day ultracet 37.5mg 2 3x day and desyrel 150 at bed. My gp says I've been down the roaqd and back on everthing, and he won't give anything stronger than the ultracet, it helps a little but does nothing for the big pains and muscle spas's, or anxiitity I have if anyone can offer any help I would sure like to hear it, I really need to see what if any options I have left, I know surgury is out per 3 different dr. so I'm between a rock and a hard place. Thankx for reading. I'll take any and all help I can get..