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Hello Fracback..
Just like to welcome you aboard bean..
don't mean to damper things but i have been through many nerve blocks, and facet injections were one of them and it did me no good at all..

But there are many peeps on this board that have nothing but a good report with them..

After all the physio and injections i had a discogram to see if my disc could be healed by idet, but they were to bad and my only option was to have them fused, And i have not got good news there hon, (Which is why i still seek help and friendship from these boards)My fusion is stable but it as not took my back pain away, i have permanet nerve damage and sciatica, I am now being considered for a morphine pain pump..

I thought i would tell you some of my history coz it helps tp have the good and the bad..

I had my fusion done 15 months ago, if you want anything else please do not be afraid to ask! I had many probs with my scar after..

love pebbles xxxx :wave: