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I've talked to my dr and he first wants to prescribe percocets. I say no way, I don't want to get into that trap. Then he says morphine in pill form. NOPE again! That's why I've always stuck with the hydrocodone based stuff because I THOUGHT it was the lessor of the three evils! There's no doubt I have real pain from everything I've gone through. That's why I must fight and fight again with the court over the issue. I've tried everything else and it doesn't work! The only option for me is to suffer. I guess the court sees that I'm basically worthless either way. I've been literally writhing in pain today. It's awful and I don't think I can do this...

The tems are supposed to have some analgesic effect, but I sure as h e double hockey sticks don't feel it! Thanks for replying. It's odd to me that this thread has over 1,100 views, but not many replies. Does that mean I'm just a freak show? Like a car wreck that everyone MUST look at but not help? I don't think I'll be posting my problems anymore. It is just too personal and it's not helping that I feel so alone right now.

KM....the tems can give you some pai relief. But not at the 1 here and there that you are taking. Remember these are CONSIDERABLY weaker than the US version of Buprenorphine. The lowest US version is 2 mg you are taking .2 mg. Note the" .''
So you would need to take 10 to take the lowest dose of the US based version.

If you were to take 4 of the .2's you would likely get some pain relief and some mood elevation. No, you won't get 'high' at all. But for me 3 or 4, taken one at a time, and allowed to disolve under the tongue do provide a little lift from the depression and a little bit of pain relief for anywhere from 6 to 12 hours.

Good luck. Glad you are hanging in there. Remember, this is YOUR fight and your life is goig to be so much improved once this crap is over.