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Hello all. I'm not sure if many of you will remember me, but I came to these boards 3 - 4 months back seeking help for my morphine addiction. I'm still off the pills, other than what is prescribed to me to help me sleep....Restoril i think it's called. And I only take that if i've been up a couple days and can't get normal sleep. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for those who helped me with either similar stories or sound advice. Thanks you chef, Rosie, John 3:16, happy dad, banker, and the twin sisters (cant remember your names..) plus anyone else I may have missed.

I still get the occasional craving. I'll still have days where my bowels are messed up. And I still have trouble sleeping. But I'm not swallowing pills. thanks gang. I'll try to stop buy more often.
Congrats on being clean... especially from Morphine. How horrible you wds must have been. I do remember you and I'm very happy you doing it! But Rosie asks a good question, how ARE you doing it? Now you can help US and give us some words of wisdom. I'm up early to work... took off yesterday to 'work from home' but I've been very depressed and didn't get much done. So, I'm going to work a little before the kids wake up so I'll have something to show for me not being there yesterday.

Rosie - are you telling me you are STILL having problems? That's a little scary. How did you feel after detox and how do you feel now? How are you handling the cravings? How hard is it right now? Obviously, you are doing a great job!!