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Well in my sister's case the MRI didn't show anything that would be causing her to have so much pain when she walked, so they did the myleogram and found that she had a ruptured disc. The surgeon apologized for not catching it, and said nothing showed on the MRI. The same surgeon said there wasn't enough on my MRI to warrant seeing me and to try physical therapy which I had done three times now. So it is very important if you don't get the results, to keep trying to you get someone to do the extra tests.
I can just remember the pain, and truthfully it wasn't as bad as the worst pain I had ever had, but in recovery they gave me morphine, and I was crying one minute and the next laughing hysterically at the poor woman in the next bed yelling out in pain! I don't ever remember having morphine before but can laugh now at my behavior, wasn't funny then. But I had a few days of being very uncomfortable afterwards, and think it was because I had so many discs involved. Good luck!