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Hi again. This is PatnOscars daughter again. My mom wanted me to post a more detailed description on her surgery so here goes...

Coming out of surgery she didn't have to go into intensive care as planned because the surgery went perfectly and she was doing well. The pain was more than she had imagined. She was on the morphine pump continuously and took Vicoden extra strength in between for breakthrough pain. For everyone planning on having this surgery make sure you HAVE to have it. This surgery is horrible and unreal. She would never go through this again.

She was in surgery for about six hours. After her being in recovery, she was transported into her own room. That night the doctors noticed that her red blood cell count was low. They decided to do a blood transfusion of 2 units not including the 1 unit of her own blood that they used in surgery.

Lisa, she knows your pain and what you are going through. It is also hard for her to get comfortable as well.

Currently she is taking 2 percocet 5/325mg every three hours along with the Vicoden extra strength. She was running a slight fever at first, but she has been getting better and better as each day passes. She is able to stay wake for most of the day. Her mom is currently staying with her for a couple of weeks to help her out..

The raised toilet seat works extremely well. However, showering is difficult.

She is now walking everyday. She walks up and down her driveway which is about 55 ft one way. She is always walking up and down her hallway which is about 20 feet one way. She is making it a habit to take a walk up and down the driveway daily (sometimes twice).

Her front incision is about 8inches long going across her lower stomach. Her back incision is about 9 inches going from the middle of her back to her tail bone. She also has another incision on her back approx 4 inches in the shape of a check mark. She has dissolving stitches in the front and staples in the back.

She would like to thank everyone for their support and she cant wait to get back on.

Her leg pain is the same, is this normal?