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Well I'm out now. I had a Lumbar Microdiscetomy. Hopefully this sheds light on the operation and pain involved.

The pain and numbness in my leg have gone completely and now I have slight back pain - so I feel happier and more genuine that I am in the back board and not the leg board!!

I had a "piece of disk between L5 and S1 which had ?broken off and the poor nerve was wrapped taut around it".

An operation was the best way to remove it and manual manipulation would have only made it worse.

It is now a case of pain killers as needed - paracetamol and 25mg of Rofecoxib (as opposed to the 50mg I was taking before) for the next week. There is a tiny incision on my back about 1-2 inches long. This has been joined together by some dissolveable sutures which should not need to be removed.

I can raise my leg 40-50 degrees now - possibly more (I could only raise it 20 degrees before).

The only real pain throughout the whole operation was Thursday 10am briefly for about 10 seconds in the pre-op room when I was injected with sedative up my right arm - a horrid experience and the yucky gas taste. Taking deep slow breaths and chatting to a nurse relieved that experience. Post op that evening at 4pm I was out of intensive care and back on the ward - I turned down a morphine injection as I had no pain - doh!! I had a severe pain in my stomach as a result of a full bladder at Friday 2am, detected by a bladder scan - the bed pan yielded nothing and I had no catheter. In the end I went by wheelchair to the bathroom and stood successfully at the loo myself. The Friday morning at 8am I walked with the nurse to the bathroom and washed and showered myself with no pain whatsoever. That day I was walking around the ward unassisted and 5pm I had a physio check that I could manage 3 flights of stairs - I live on the third and fourth floor. The Saturday morning I went home - I could have actually gone home the previous evening.

Now it's Monday - I can walk up and down stairs with no pain. The hardest bit is remembering that I have had an operation as I still need to be careful with my back. I've not taken the pain killers yet but I think I will today as there is a local pain.

I just need to maintain the exercise plan given to me and I should be better in several weeks. I'll start thinking about Pilates in a week or two's time.