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Merrida, If you take Percoset...Percodan....Vicodin....lortab....lorcet...or any other opiate pain pill with Tylenol or Asprin any long range plan (over 6 months)is bad. These pain medications cause liver and kidney destruction and should be avoided at all costs if you are a chronic pain sufferer and plan on taking pain meds for over 6 months! Pain med that is safe and will not break down any body organs are Oxy IR(Percoset without the Tylenol) Diluadid(powerful man made opiate)Oxycontin(Oxycodone long lasting opiate 12 hours) MSContin(Long lasting Morphine pill 12 hours) MSir(Short acting Morphine pill 4-6 hours for breakthough pain) Fentanyl(Powerful opiate comes in patch and lolipop form!) Doctors tend to give chronic pain patients these pain meds because they won't harm your majoe organs(Heart,liver,kidneys,brain,etc)They stay away from pain meds that have Tylenol os Asprin because they know you will be taking these meds for a long time! They may give you a pain med with Tylenol for breakthrough pain because you use these only once in a while,but a good doctor will only give you short acting pain meds like OxyIR or MSir for breakthrough pain because they contain no Tylenol or Asprin! If your doctor dosn't do this, ask him to, your body is to important to harm!! And also remember, you will not get "Addicted" to your medication! Chronic pain patients do not get"Addicted" they get dependent on there medication,just like a diabetic gets dependent on insulin or an Asthmatic gets dependent on Steroids or a high blood pressure patient gets dependent on Clonidine. "Addiction is a mental illness" Chronic pain patients are not mentally ill!! Good luck