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hi all,

i guess i am eating a little crow. the doctor understood my pain but wasn't very sympathtic. he says he sees over 600 patients a month with pain. what i said wasn't new to him. he said i have to give it time.

anyway, he put me on ms-contin 15mg to take 3x a day. he also gave me tizanidine 2mg and i am to take that at night. no more vicoden or neurontin. he said he doesn't want me on a "boatload" of meds.

he didn't explain what meds he was giving me. the nurse just informed me i had morphine and zanaflex. she didn't know how either would effect me. the pharmacist wasn't much help either. what is with these people? isn't it there job to know what medication they are dishing out?

so, i turn to you, my friends, in hopes that you can fill me in on these meds. i am very afraid of morphine. i had a morphine pump after my hyst and honest to god, it was pretty scary. i was seeing marge simpson-no kidding!! i assume this isn't as strong as getting it thru and iv, right?

well, thanks for lisening. i hope someone can help.
take care.