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Hi everyone. this is not about my problem this time.
This is about my 22 yr old son.

Around July 2002 my son leaned over to pick something up and BAM out went his back. He was in severe pain and this started the endless round of docs,tests, etc.
We were told he had Spondylolisthesis of L-5 with a 25% forward slip and herniated disc L4-5. He was on serious pain meds from July: Oxycontin, and Oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Nothing seemed to give him relief. After failed epidural injection, he opted for surgery.
On Oct. 16th 2002, he had spinal fusion of L-5 to S1 (i'm not sure if they also fused L-4 to L5)
Had the nuts and bolts etc.

After the surgery he woke up in excrutiating pain, and nothing they did seemed to help. He was crying and writhing in pain for a week. They said they were giving him 5 times the usual amount of morphine and it still wasn't helping him. He was in the hospital for 10 days and then went to a physical therapy rehab hospital for a month. He still takes Oxycodone for pain. Its been a little over 4 months now and he still cannot stand without putting his weight on crutches.
He also cannot sit comfortably.
Whew! no one every told us that he would be in so much pain for so long.
Two weeks ago they started putting him in a pool for physical therapy and he can work on moving a bit while in the water, but progress seems so slow that we don't really see any progress.
Can anyone tell me if this is the 'normal' recovery from fusion surgery? 2 weeks ago the doc also did an Xray and says things seem like they are lined up well and healing ok. He just keeps saying it takes time.
So does this sound right to you all?
I really appreciate your feedback.
Thanks so much.

Jackie K1
L4-5 herniated w/ free fragment pressing on sciatic nerve.
2/28/03 will have Microscopic Discectomy to remove fragment.