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Hello everyone.
I had the surgery Friday. MicroDiscectomy.
EEverything went well. I woke up feeling no pain.
I immediately noticed that I could now wiggle my toes on my right foot, which I couldn't do before.
Also, as soon as I got to my hospital room I got up and went to the bathroom. *I was NOT going to use that bedpan. No way! Other than the wooziness from general anesthesia and the morphine I was really fine walking right away.
I went home Saturday afternoon. i've had a wicked headache. And my throat is ravaged from a bad general anesthesia job. My throat actually hurts more than my back. Go figure.
I have a little surgical pain,but nothing I can't handle. They told me to take percocet, but by 6am sunday morning, I felt like it was too strong and I switched to Darvocet (1) every 6 hours, and that's enough for me. I can walk around and I can sleep and eat. So I'm good!
Now all I have to do is heal up and walk a little more each day. No driving for 2 weeks.
I hope all of you are feeling better. I just wanted to let you know that I think my surgery is one of the good ones.