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okay i had prodisc surgery for L-4-5 and L5-S1 (2 levels, 2 discs.)

i would love to hear from other and there story and progress..

how long does it take to heal and feel descent again.

13 years ago i was injured at work while working with the mentally retarted to neck, jaw and lower back with consequental depression.

i am 5 weeks post op and i am still hurting (leg pain, back pain and incision site pain) how long does it last, does anyone know.

i see i am not as lucky as other who had this surgery.

first day, extreme pain (maybe because i have 2 discs) but first day had morphine drip. had it for 4 days. (don't ever have this ask for pills instead this is a whole other story).

but couldn't walk, stand, sit or ever turn myself in the bed.

second day same

third day sat up, stood and walked a little.
dr. was talking about putting me in rehab for 1 week at the hospital.

fourth day stood up and walked to the door and turned around and back in bed.
Hardest part was getting out of the bed, from lying to sitting and then to standing.

fifth day, go up and walked a little more didn't want to stay for another week. in severe pain

sixth day, dr. was inpressed

seventh day, sent me home

home it was awful, in severe pain, couldn't sleep, extremely bad pain in my legs.

after about 3 weeks i was a little better, but i am still in pain. able to walk without walker and cane.

at 4 weeks i started p/t, i am now 5 weeks post op and wondering when this is going to get better, i heard of people going back to work at 6 weeks, then i heard it could take 1 year.

i had a discogram done and it revealed:

l4-5 and l5-s1 annuli demonstrate dorsal radial tears, mild canal stenosis due to bulging disc enlargement of the posterier ligaments

l5-s1 dorsal radial tear and a central herniated disc. is in contact with the right s1 nerve root and thecal sac. mild bilateral l4-5 neural foraminal stenosis are seen. mild osteoarthritis of l5-s1 facet joints are noted.