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Hi, Theresa :wave:

Are they going in posterior or anterior? And, are they putting in hardware and using cages?

I'm certainly not an expert, but I do know for me that going in from the back (I think that's posterior) was way better than the stories I've heard going in from the front (the abdomen). If you have a choice, choose that one as my surgeon automatically did a laminectomy at the same time and used that bone to make a mash and fill in the cages instead of using doner bone or from hip, etc.

One of the reasons they thought this fusion would be be a success was that L4 was a relatively decent disc. Read my signature line and you'll see what else is going on with my back.

Ultimately my surgeon bought me about 4 years without surgery with PT, MT, Accupuncture, traction, IDET and anything else to keep me out of surgery. When the pain got so bad that I just couldn't stand it any more, then it was time for the fusion. The next step (if I don't receive my healing from my Lord) would be ADR on L1,2 & 3 and possibly 4 then which will be in another 5 - 7 years. (this fusion is buying me yet more time) and then another 5 - 7 years past that they will be making brand new baby discs with the stem cells and we'll finish up with that.

One very important thing to remember is the stories you read on the message boards are from very brave, courageous people who have had less than good outcomes with what they have tried so far. (That's were I came from with a failed 4-level IDET) There are millions of people in the world who have had all these procedures done with excellent outcomes (and I AM going to be one of them and so are YOU!) So, please, don't be scared. Just go in with the positive attitude that it is going to work.

I had people all over praying for me and that was probably the biggest factor. I will pray for you, too Theresa.

What I experienced was -0- pain in recovery room. They were amazed and kept asking me. The most discomfort I had in recovery was where they drew a pint of blood to use my plasma to shield the thecal sack from my right wrist (huge black & blue bruise of my whole wrist - I'm a hard stick) and my mouth being so dry.

However, I do understand that my -0- pain is not the norm - again the prayer. Also, though, I managed my pain for the last four years through what I mentioned above and not pain meds. Well, there at the last I took some percocet in the evenings (not every night, but probably every third) So, if you have been on pain meds, your body could have built up a tolerance and your pain control might be different. I would most certainly address that with your drs. at your pre-op as being in the least amount of pain is paramount to your recovery.

Also, if you have been sick due to the anesetic in the past, be sure to mention that. I've had so many surgeries that that stuff makes me deathly ill and I did not want to vomit with back surgery. They can give you something in your iv to eliviate that. If you don't know here's a clue - if you get motion sickness - even just not being able to read in a moving car then chances are it will make you sick. You certainly don't need that on top of everything else.

They had me on morphine day of surgery and 1/2 of the following day plus valium for spasms. They wanted me to get up the morning after, but due to the dizziness and nausea from the drugs, I just couldn't.

So............. at 12:00 noon day after surgery I told them I didn't want the drugs. That freaked them out!!!! What I told them was let me try extra strength tylenol and if it doesn't control my pain, then give me a shot and we'll start over.

That was the beginning of my new life! Since my pain hasn't been up past a 4 and is mostly 2-3. That's a huge change from 7-10 pre-op and I am confident that I will continue to heal and that this will be a success.

I'm sorry this is so long but hope this answered your questions. If you have more, fire away. I'll check as I can.

Good luck and prayers are with you, Theresa!


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