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hello, :wave: well i had my surgery from hell, i had it feb 14th as planned i was suppose to have 2 level fusion done ended up having 3 level done he found another bad disk, my surgery was suppose to be 5 hours or so it was 7 1/2 hrs,i was so puffy..i was in bed for 4 days before i got up, they wantedto start pt, so i went to that could hardly stand with walker, my legs burned so bad and was painful, they sent me down for x-ray and cat scan, the next morning my surgeon came in and said i have bad news im like WHAT!!!he said he had to go back in and remove 2 of my 8 scrwes, they were pressing on my nerves in my legs, i couldnt believe it i was in so much pain then that i didnt want to start all over again with more pain, so i went that afternoon back to OR :eek: he said this would be shorter surgery about 1-2 hrs..the next day i was feeling weak, kept running temps, so they did there blood work, my count was down so i had to get 2 units of blood, i didnt donate cause they said i didnt need to..well, i got up for pt again did better, but the wholetime i was in so much pain,the morphine pump didnt help i could hit that every 6 mins, didnt fase me, so i asked for something more they coulnt..but i got morphine shot at nite and sleeping pills i hurt so bad, i dreded getting up to go to bathroom what a chore,of course i had to have bathroom help with the brace and all and not being able to bend,i knew some of the girls, (i worked at the same hospital) so i felt weird.but thats life..i ended up staying 11 days instead of 5 ..real bad experience for me. i have numbness in top of thighs but dr. sad it should go away in time, he said probably from being on table so long. which it is getting better, i went to get my 30 some staples out ouch!! that stung..i;ve been home 2 weeks now, i have hospital bed, wheelchair, potty lift the whole works (lol) i can say im feeling better can get out of bed by my self.i haveback brace to wear and bone stimulator back brace for 3 months, stimultor 4 hours a day..i havent been out of house in a week..we have cold weather and snow so i cant go out much..plus not ready to go anywhere yet..i can only sit for 30 mins. i start to get real tight in my back..i have to use a walker for support. i go back to dr in 4 weeks to see how im fusing it better be working..wont go thru this again. :( hope you all are well.. take care ...sandy p.s. been trying to post but couldnt get in..