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Hi Tiddgys,

I know what you mean about finding "understanding" friends on this board. I feel fortunate to have many friends, as well as a small family, but how many times can you vent to people who don't really understand. Not their fault...not our fault...they just don't get it.

I just "met" someone from another board and had a wonderful phone conversation with her. She, like you, has a simulator, and also had a morphine pump implanted this past fall. She is now 95% PAIN FREE on most days. Has gone back to work, bikes 30 - 40 miles a week, skiis, you get the picture. When she had the pump installed she had to bring her bike into the Dr.'s
office so he could plan to place the reservoir it a place that would not interfer with her biking!!! Now there is an understanding doctor.

I understand how difficult it is to wait for help when pain is contolling our every move. Try to focus on the help you are going to receive. You take care of you. I am thinking of you!