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Christina you are not alone. Yes, I do have that gripping pain. My level of functioning varies by the day & the hour. I go to work everyday but utilize my walker to get around. Sleeping is the most trying because it's more like not sleeping. If I lay on my side I feel like my lower spine is being sucked out of my back. I try to lay on my back as best I can. I'm not big on pain meds...mostly because I vomit, break out into rashes or get wickedly dizzy. They also are not condusive to a work environment.
I work in a nursing home & can't take off work until we receive our state inspection. Once this is over, I plan on going to 2 facilities outside of Dallas, Tx. I'm out of NJ & have been to some local docs & was not pleased. I then went to the Univ of Penn ortho group & they were extremely knowledgeable. It looked as though they were going to include me in the clinical trial for ADR but after lots of tests & visits, they tell me the FDA won't let me in because I have arthritis in my spine. Their alternative...spinal fusion from L4-S1. I disagree with them since they have told me that the fusion will probably create addtl DDD above & below the fusion. They explained that the pain in the SI region is due to the way my discs & endplates are degenerating. Not sure if that's a bunch of malarchy or what. They also told me that there isn't much in the way of med's that will relieve my pain. So far that's true.
The only thing that saves me on the weekends is Morphine Sulphate IR. Actually it doesn't kill the pain but it does let me sleep. As I type this note I can feel the bulge on the SI region. I don't know if massage will help but one of the nurse's aids I work with is a masseuse & while I don't trust this to solve my problems it does help relieve some of the pain temporarily.
The only thing that carries me through a day is to look at the nursing home residents w/cancer & many other ailments. I try to remind myself it could be worse. There are those times when I just break down & cry especially when I'm reminded that I'm 35 & have no kids but want them but scared to death that I w/b bedridden if pregnant. My other depression leads to that my spouse & I can't have kids w/o invitrofertilization (I won't get into this). If I didn't have a wonderful, supporting husband I don't think I could function at all.

Here's a list of med's ran through:

percocet- vomiting
ultracet- rashes!!!
vicodan- vomiting
duragesic patch- vomiting,rash,completely incoherent,non-stop hiccups while vomiting (attractive)

bextra 20mg- still on this
skelaxin 800mg x 3 - still on this
Morphine Sulphate 15mg - only take on weekends

Miss Mae-

DDD L4-5, L5-S1. Degenerative endplate at L5-S1. Herniated C3-4,C5-C6, Bulging C4-C5,C6-C7.