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Hi to all,
I wanted to let you know that I had my hardware removed almost a year ago. The first week was the best. It's been downhill since.
The rods and screws were in for about six months. the doc. thought they were the reason for the continued pain. at first i thought so too, since there was so much pain relief at first.
Today, the doc wants an answer about the spinal cord stimulator or the morphine pump. I, of course, am at a loss.
The meds are at double level to maintain the pain. i am so glad that i have a high tolerance for pain.(i don't know what people do that don't.) i even crawl back into my turtle shell back brace to help with the stability in my back. many people say that they got out of the brace to relieve the pain, but my brace helps much when nothing else seems to work. it hurts to much to be in the bed very much. i cannot do the complete bed rest.
i hope that you have much more success with the hardware removal.
i will keep you and the others on this forum in my prayers. and to think, i always thought i was in this alone.
i really hate to think there are others that feel the way that i do.
good luck.