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Hi Shedevil- My mom had what is referred to as a dorsal column stimulator implanted into her back some years back and had it removed last year due to problems with it. It sounds alot like what you are describing. At first it worked well for her and the nerve pain, she has had 7 back surgeries in all, all in lumbar region. The wire or leads as the docs will referr to them my mom found out had never been FDA approved. When it was first implanted she got the stimulation from it for her nerve pain but about a year and a half later it was doing nothing for her, she kept going in to the doctors office and they would say it just needed adjusting etc... and they would about shock her to death with electrical charges. Then it just got where it was not doing anything no matter what they did in adjustments. The piece that they also implanted underneath her skin kinda to the side of her back looked as if it was going to rip out from underneath her skin as well. When her surgeon removed it I think he was shocked, this thing that was suppose to be so grand and great was disengrating in my moms back, the wires were rotted and very little left of them, parts of the stimulator fell apart he said in his hands as he took it out of her back as well.

I would be very scared to have this done. I know what you are saying about the nerontin as well as I had bad side effects from it and could not take it, my doc. switched me to Topmax instead and it has helped better then the high doses of Neurotin did for me at a 200mg dose. I have had 2 back surgeries the last one being a doozie and I am on 23 pills a day but I do have other health problems as well. My pain from my back was very severe before and after this last surgery, my doctors said there is not much else they can do for me since alot of the damage is permanent so they have put me on morphine now to help with the pain on top of all my other medications. I did not want to go on a continueing pain medication that was so strong and addicting but they said it was the best thing for me to do that I was going to end up damaging my liver taking percoset each day for the pain and two of those only would give me a hour of relief and still not total relief. I am on 120mg of morphine a day at the present time with them increasing doseages to control my pain which also worries me but atleast I do have some relief that last for awhile. I was going 3 and 4 days without closing my eyes so atleast now I can lay down and sleep 3 or 4 hours a night before having to get up. I am just so thankful to atleast be walking again even if I can't take giant steps it was one giant step for me to take a baby step so I just try to take one day at a time and pray for a miracle. I hope you will know what to do and I also would ask for several people that have had the stimulator put in them to call, my moms doc. was only giving out one womans number that had it done which had good results, sad to say she passed away 2 years after my mom had hers put in due to infection in her body from the stimulator and those wires, they kept treating her with the antibiotics not knowing where the infection was coming from till she passed away and had a autospy done on her. I do not mean to scare you here but you have to be so careful when it comes to doing what is right for your health.